Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WIAW- Trying A New Smoothie

Unlike last week I did manage to take some pictures of my food yesterday for What I Ate Wednesday or really Tuesday in my case.

Breakfast started off with my favorite overnight oats. No matter how good they taste, they will always look ugly!

Along with my oats I had a big glass of lemon water. I usually drink this all through-out the day to make sure I am hitting my water intake.
Meal number two ended up being a new smoothie recipe using Chobani. Mmmm it came out so thick & frosty! The recipe will be up soon!
For lunch, I was really craving an open faced taco. I defrosted some ground turkey from the freezer (thank goodness I some leftover), added lettuce, and shredded cheese and melted it all up. I didn't want to waste the rest of my greek yogurt so I made it into a sour cream dip.
Dinner was another usual favorite around this house. Scrambled egg whites with spinach...
Plus edamame on the side! Yum, haven't had these in awhile so they were extra tasty with a little salt on top.
Another greek yogurt for dessert. I love that yogurt is back at night!

Do you ever put yogurt in your smoothies?
What other fruits do you love adding to your water?


  1. I love Greek yogurt. Somedays I'll have it twice as well!

  2. I have egg whites and spinach of some kind for breakfast every morning. :)


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