Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Overtraining And Using Exercise As Punishment

Waking up late this morning, yes I think I am still in vacation mode. After being away for more than a couple days, it always takes me awhile to get back into a normal mode. Setting up my workout schedule, food prepping for the week, and cutting back on my intense love of ice cream all happens.
In typical vacation fashion I ate a TON of food while away. Ice cream every night? You betcha'! There was no counting calories or planning out meals. I ate whatever whenever. It's been hard cutting back on the sugar and desserts this week. In the past when I would come home from vacation, I would feel the need to "punish" myself the following week. Whether it was cutting back on calories, spending two hours at the gym doing cardio daily, or not taking enough rest days. It was an unhealthy way to live. I would indulge, feel guilty, and then punish myself through exercise.

Those unhealthy habits no longer exist-thank goodness. Exercise isn't just for the physical aspect for me anymore. I do it because I love it. Working out releases all my stress and anxiety. I am much more anxious on rest days. Plus I love being outside. Anytime I can do fun activities like riding bikes or swimming and get exercise at the same time is just an added bonus. The world of weight training over the past year has changed my view completely on exercise. I was always the skinny weak one. Now I love being strong. Being able to lift or carry things I never ever would even think was possible. The best moment was when the boyfriend called me last week for me to come help him move a dresser. Yeah that would have never happened two years ago when I was addicted to being a slave on the elliptical.
Now that I'm back on track food-wise for the week, my body feels so much less sluggish. Lots of chicken, hard boiled eggs, green veggies, and oatmeal will be prepped today. My exercise split for the week will pretty much stay the same. The most I ever spend in the gym is 45 minutes a day. I get in, give it my all, and get out.

Monday- hamstrings
Tuesday - shoulders & bike ride outside
Wed- spin
Thurs- quads
Friday- chest & back
Saturday - spin or walk/run outside

No crazy punishment this year. There is no single fitness plan that works for everyone, just like there is no one food plan that works for everyone. I'm glad I have found one that works for me.

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Do you ever feel like you use exercise as punishment?
Have you found a fitness plan that works for you?
Have you ever found yourself overtraining?


  1. I am definitely guilty of working out more on the days when I feel that I have over-indulged on food. It is something that I am doing my best to work on. I am also trying hard to fit in my rest days for my physical and mental health.

  2. ...I don't think I use exercise as a punishment...rather I will cut "bad" foods out as a "punishment"

  3. I constantly have to acknowledge the fine line between overtraining and sticking to a fitness plan. I get incredibly antsy when I dont work out, and because Im aiming on bulking up, I have to remember that muscles grow on rest days and overtraining them is counter productive!

    Regarding fitness plans, I'm loving an upper/lower split which targets body parts twice a week!

  4. I think I do work out more around times when I have eaten more than I should have. I think it's because all the food tends to make me feel blah and working out helps me to feel better. I do think it's important to remember to not use exercise as a punishment!


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