Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July Treats

Happy Fourth of July!! I hope you're reading this while being off from work and enjoying the sunshine outside today!

We planned a spontaneous (breaking out of my comfort zone!) trip to one of my favorite areas of Pennsylvania- Lancaster. We left at 5am on Wednesday to beat all the traffic, which worked out really well. After arriving and switching hotels last minute, we are ready to get our party on for Independence Day! Apparently I am loving the exclamation points this morning haha ;)

Since I'll be out and about today enjoying the holiday, I've rounded up some of my favorite July 4th. recipes!

Love this twist on a classic dessert by Plain Vanilla Mom. Combine everyone's favorite dessert into an ice cream smore. Brilliant.
Probably one of the easiest and fastest desserts to make, but still tasty. Thanks Sheryl for the last minute idea!
Or if you're looking to go with a flag pie by Sabrina. The crust is actually made out of sugar cookie dough. Talk about yummy.
One of my favorite food blogs Skinny Taste created this healthy dessert. Strawberries, blueberries, and angel food is just heaven on a plate.
Monica added a festive twist on chocolate dipped strawberries. 3 ingredients is my type of recipe!
Mmmmchocolate cupcakes with fruit on top. I just love cupcakes!
I can't wait to make my own fourth of july dessert once I get back. 

Hope you are celebrating with lots of food & love.

Ashley xo

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  1. Ice cream smores sound awesome! I would be alll over those!

    Happy 4th!! :)


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