Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Practice Ride

Last week was the un-official start of my training plan for the Wounded Warrior Bike Ride. Originally I had planned on stepping up my spin classes for the past two months to practice. But since I was traveling for a majority of the month that just didn't happen.

Troy and I decided to bike ride together one day last week to get some more practice miles in. The only downside was we decided to pick the hottest (like 93 degrees) and the most humid day there was.

The route we chose was 12 miles there and back to a nearby park through the woods. There was at least a breeze while we were riding and lots of shade.
I think training in the heat is a positive because the hot weather slows you down so much. When you finally workout outside on a cool day, you feel so much faster!
We made sure to pack lots of water to stay hydrated. I have gathered quite a large collection of re-usable water bottles. Both of us decided to skip riding around the actual park because it was so hot. We did spot paddle-boating, which I am a huge fan of. This is on our to-do list next time we bike here.
Part of me is still debating whether or not I should do the bike ride. Even though I didn't train for it as much as I would have liked, my cardio endurance is still there. Plus I have been consistent with strength training my quads and hamstrings.

The only problem is I have no one to do the ride with! Everyone I had planned on doing it with backed out the last minute. The race is on Friday so I still have a few more days to register. Part of me doesn't want to do it alone because I would want company on a three hour bike ride. And I keep having visions of me falling off all alone to the side of the ride while everyone just keeps passing me by. Delusional, I know!

In the past years I haven't been able to do it since I was always working. So since I'm off this year I was really looking forward do it. We shall see...
Have you ever done a race or bike ride alone?!


  1. I have done races (running) by myself. I have also biked by myself. You will be with a lot of people so you maybe surprised with how quickly the time goes.

  2. I started doing Triathalon last year...the weather here just started warming up...so this weekend I have decided instead of doing a tri, I am going to do my fist du-athalon!...looking forward to it...but I really need to dust my bike off...lol

  3. Definitely do the ride! I did the 5k, yes it was a lot shorter than 3 hours, but rewarding! You don't want to say "I should have" and then regret not doing it. Go for it, you can do it and it's a great cause!

    1. I'm just being a chicken haha. You are braver than me!

  4. I've run almost every marathon I have run alone. You can do this. You will feel so much accomplishment after the ride physically, and mentally, you will have learned so much as well, just being on your own... being comfortable being on your own. Do it!


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