Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Workouts

Even though it was close to 95 degrees yesterday I still got my butt to the gym. You know those days were you are in no mood to workout? Yep that was me. I worked up a sweat just driving to the gym since my car was so hot haha. Nothin' like sweating before your workout even starts.

I started my leg workout with the weighted one legged squats. They are one of my favorite moves forms of torture hah. Since I started with it I went heavier than I usually do. Whew, by the time I got to my walking lunges, I was feeling it.

Then out of nowhere I started to feel nauseous. That hasn't happened in so long since I've switched to only training legs at night. Maybe it was the combination of the heat too. But I made sure to take extra rests in between sets. I went through about two bottles of water just in 45 minutes.

I've even gotten Mom to focus more on weight training. She used to live on the treadmill (guess that's where I got it from haha)! The family that works out together, stays together ;)
Now if I could only get the boyfriend to start working out with me! He absolutely hates going to the gym.

After our sweat session I came home to prepare a delicious salad beast for dinner. Lots of tomatoes, carrots, mozzarella cheese, and shredded chicken on top. With some balsamic dressing on top, it was deeeeelicious.

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  1. Feeling nauseous when working out is the worst! Sometimes I feel that way if I haven't had enough to eat/drink within a certain amount of time before heading to the gym. I'm glad your getting your mom to weight train some, it can be really fun!

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