Monday, July 8, 2013

PA Travels

Hey all. It's been awhile since we've really chatted! Let's see where we left off in my travels in PA.

After settling into our hotel and doing same shopping damage at the outlets, Mom and I headed over to Kitchen Kettle Village. It's one of our favorite spots for delicious treats.
You can spend at least an hour in the Kitchen Kettle store. They have literally a ton of salsas, jams, jellies, apple butters, pickles, and baked goods. Name it and they've got it. The best part is you can try every single flavor out before you buy them. We stocked up on an apple raspberry jelly which is just out of this world good.

Also I highly recommend the coffee shop next door to it. We split an orange creamsicle smoothie. The best part was you could add whey protein to it. Score. It was delicious and refreshing on that hot day!
Then we hopped on a buggy ride to see all the beautiful land. How could you get sick of this view? Plus the ride stopped at an Amish farm where we got to go inside. I have never seen that many cows up close before! Fun, but smelly though haha.
Using my "find me gluten free" app on my phone, we discovered Issac's deli shop. I decided on a grilled chicken, lettuce, tomato, mozzarella, on a gluten free flat-bread. Along with kettle chips (my favorite kind) and a strawberry lemonade, I was stuffed. My mom ordered her sandwich with a pretzel bun, which seems to be the latest sandwich trend lately.
The other part of our PA trip was to visit family in the Poconos. We spent half the day in the car traveling up there and were glad we finally got to see my cousin Matthew. The rest of the evening was spent mini-golfing, which I am a huge fan of. Even though my skills were pretty rusty haha.
The mini golf place also has an ice cream shop attached so that was a must. I got an orange creamsicle sundae. Apparently I was loving the orange flavor the past week. Strange since usually I never get that one!

Then I spotted this sign....Dog sundaes! I love it haha.
Being the huge dog lover (probably sometimes creepy dog lover) that I am, I knew we had to get one to bring home for Matt's dog. It was a vanilla scoop with dog bones on top. Very cool idea!
Their rottweiler, Ethel, absolutely loved it. That ice cream was gone in sixty seconds. I guess she eats ice cream like me haha.

Overall I just love Lancaster and would consider moving there one day. The atmosphere is just relaxing and I love having lots of land. I have to work this idea on Troy though. He is not a fan of the farm smell hah.

Anyway it was a marvelous trip and I can't wait to go back!


  1. Ooooh - love the dog sundae idea!!! Did the ice cream hurt her stomach?

    1. No it didn't. It was just plain vanilla. My dog eats it all the time & never has a problem. But try a little bit at first just to be safe!

  2. Those kettle chips look SO awesome! I love when restaurants make their own chips!

    1. Me too. Panera's are another fav of mine.

  3. That shop sounds so fun, I would love to stock up on fresh jams and jellies!


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