Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Happy Birthday

not to me.
not to Troy.
and not to Cooper.
but to Wishbone <3

 My little baby turned 6 last week. Since we adopted her at 2 years old, we really don't know when her true birthday is. So usually we celebrate around my birthday, but this year was a bit busy with traveling so we finally had her party last week!

Obviously she was beyond excited to wake up and find out it was her birthday haha!

Luckily I found a Happy Birthday dog cookie at a local pet shop for her celebration.
Before we gave her the birthday cookie, she opened her presents. One thing Wishbone loves is unwrapping gifts.
She is really like a person and loves to tear open the paper. We got her a new big tennis ball. It doesn't look big in the picture, but she can't fit it in her mouth. It's more like a soccer ball for her. Along with that, she also got a flat squeaky doll (the purple thing). Wishbone prefers flat toys she can chew. We probably have about five different kinds of these, which we call her rat toys haha. They all look ratty by the time she's done chewing them.
 Then it was time for cake, err cookie time!
Wishbone was quite happy with all the festivities!

Do you celebrate your pet's birthdays?

Can your pet do any cool tricks?


  1. Aww, how cute! Happy birthday to Wishbone! :)

  2. I always forget how old my Pom is, because she is so little. Apparently, she is almost 8. Time flies!!

  3. Aw Happy Birthday Wishbone! I celebrate Bentley's birthday every year :)

  4. Happy Birthday to Wishbone! We do celebrate out chihuahua's birthday and he even has a Christmas stocking.


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