Friday, July 26, 2013

Seven Thing Friday

Woot woot for Friday! Surprisingly this week flew by for me which I didn't think would happen since I can't work out yet. But no complaints here. Happy Friday!

1. Has anyone been watching America's Got Talent this week? I've seen the comedian Kevin Downy Jr. twice before. As soon as he came on tv, I was like where do I know him from? Troy and I have seen him in Atlantic City (one of our favorite stops) and at one of Troy's NORML fundraisers. He's funny but not hilarious. I was rooting for Fresh Faces!!

2. Speaking of tv shows, we're currently watching all the seasons of 24. Jack Baur is the man. I get a kick out of all of their old cell phones. They remind me of the super cool one I had back in high school- the Nokia. It didn't even have a keyboard so I had to do that weird texting with three letters at a time.
3. When I went to the beach last week, Troy brought slices of deli turkey in a ziploc baggie. He kept calling it a "gluten free turkey sandwich" since there was no bread. Now I keep saying he makes the best gluten free sandwiches haha. He cracks me up sometimes!

4. I'm glad so many of guys can relate to struggle finding that healthy balance in life. It reminded me of weighing yourself. Some are so obsessed with the number while others could care less. My trainer had me weigh myself everyday for the past year. You would be surprised how much your weight fluctuates just overnight. Sometimes I would be up by a 3-4 pound difference. So never go by your weight!

5. It feels like fall the past two days and I am loving it! I'll glad put on a zip up jacket. I'll take being cold over hot anyday.

6. Lately I've wanted to bake everyday (I think in part to this nice cool weather) and really want to try out desserts in Mason Jars. Talk about how adorable they look!
 7. And my family found out yesterday that my cousin and his girlfriend are having a baby! Congrats to them!!

**Questions for this morning-

Would you rather be hot or cold?
What was your first cell phone?
Who were you rooting for on AGT?


  1. Item 4 really speaks to me! I am in the process of writing a post on the dark side of being fit. Some of the things you said have been really helpful to read and helping me get over my issues with the "number."

    1. Thanks so much, this makes me so happy to read ! <333

  2. I love the heat. I hate being cold!! I've been baking alot too, mostly protein ballz. It is fun creating new combos!

    1. I wish I could make protein balls. I don't have a food processor so they always come out all melted :(

  3. I definitely prefer the heat to the cold! Any my first cell phone was the Nokia3315 lol. When me and my friends all upgraded to more mainstream phones, we went to a multi level staircase and threw the nokia phones down them, to prove its versatility- they didn't break and still worked! Can;t say the same for smart phones these days...


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