Monday, September 9, 2013

Bark For Life 2013

Hooray, or should I say Bark, for the American Cancer Society having a great fundraiser yesterday! Troy and I represented NORML at the first annual Bark For Life fundraiser, which was a fantastic time.
We didn't know quite what to expect since this was the first one, but there was a ton of people that registered. Much more than we originally thought. Along with music and food, there were about 10 vendors selling dog items.
Of course we had to buy pumpkin flavored dog treats! I love that these treats only have four ingredients instead of all fillers. A nine year old created the company with his Mom and was recently on the tv show Shark Tank. How cool!
As for our one mile walk I only did a quarter of since the sun was blazing down and it was 85 degrees. Since I still have my leg brace on I didn't want to push it and just went super slow around the field.
Cooper was so well behaved around the 150 dogs. Sometimes if he can't get to them right away he starts barking and jumping. But no barks or jumps :)
Unfortunately we didn't win any of the toy prizes but he did go home with a nice new frisbee. There was plenty of demonstrations which is always my favorite part. I love watching the agility dogs, bomb detection dogs, and ones that can do all sorts of crazy tricks. I guess it's the inner dog trainer in me ;)
Now for his big costume debut.....he went as Yoda! Haha we loved the ears!
The fundraiser was such a fun time. Both of us agreed we'll be signing up again next year. Overall Bark For Life raised over $4,000 dollars! A great success!


  1. I love his costume! It looks like such a fun and successful fundraiser.

  2. Looks like a fun fundraiser. I be the dogs had a blast.


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