Thursday, September 26, 2013

First Workout Post Injury

On Tuesday I received the clear from the doctor for exercise again!!!!!! Wooooohoooo.

Can you tell how excited I was?!?!? No more leg brace.

So right after that appointment I went straight to the park for my first post injury exercise.
I ended up covering around 3 miles in 45 minutes. During the first mile I jogged for a minute or two just to see how it would feel. Well, it probably wasn't the best idea because my knee hurt when I was running. So I guess I will have to ease back into my running intervals on my walks.

But those 3 miles felt so good. It felt wonderful just to get my heart rate up again and actually really sweat!

Over the past 4 months since I couldn't do any exercise, I feel like I got so much lazier. Exercise always gives me a shot of energy and wakes me up for the day. Without it I felt it was much harder to get going in the morning. I'm glad exercise can come back into my daily life as a priority again.

My gym membership actually expired two weeks ago and I was waiting for my doctor's appointment to renew it. My plan is just to do light cardio such as walking all week to ease back into it. Then next week I'm going to start back to lifting 4 days a week at the gym. I plan on lifting extremely light for the next few weeks. My doctor warned me to start slow. I don't want any further injuries on top of this.

Hooray for exercise!

How do you make exercise a priority again after you've taken from it for awhile? Sometimes after a vacation I find myself not making it a priority. On Sunday nights I will make a schedule for each day of what my workouts will be so I know I will get to the gym.


  1. Setting "alarms" on my phone for it helps

  2. That is great news! I am glad that you are cleared to workout. I'd be so antsy to begin!


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