Friday, September 6, 2013

Push Up Bars

After taking 5 straight days off of exercise after my falling out of the shower, it felt good to get in a workout yesterday. My body was getting bored of doing absolutely nothing. If you are ever losing your workout motivation skip some days and it will magically come right back.

I completed 3 sets of at home upper body weights. I changed the routine up a bit to incorporate lots of pushups. I bought these push up bars a month ago and have been loving them ever since!
You can get a much deeper pushup with these compared to your palms flat on the floor. Plus another advantage is less pressure on your wrist joints. These bars help hit not only the upper part of your chest, but also part of your shoulder at the same time. I love anything is double effective!
A good $5 dollars spent right there!

Breakfast was the return of an old favorite- the smoothie!  When I was in college I would bring a smoothie everyday for breakfast. Now that I eat breakfast at home I'm all about the oats, so this was a nice change up.
Into the blender went:

-chocolate protein powder
-plain greek yogurt
-peanut butter
-unsweetened vanilla almond milk

Recently I bought a new brand of peanut butter, which was extra drippy, so I wanted to see how it tasted in smoothies. You can see in the picture how drippy it was. All of those ingredients equaled one delicious smoothie!

 Happy Friday friends!

Do you use push up bars?
Do you try new brands of peanut/almond butter or stick with a favorite?


  1. I love smoothies with PB and Chocolate. Add a banana and you have a Chunky Monkey Smoothie!

  2. $5 for a push up bar? Bargain right there! Great to see you back in action!

    I'm not a huge fan of putting nut butter in smoothies, mainly because it gets so lost in it! Do you find you can still taste it?

    1. Oh the peanut butter is my favorite part !!

  3. The smoothie sounds good! I have never used push up bars, I always thought they looked like they would be really uncomfortable for your wrists.

  4. I am 100% certain I would not be able to do a pushup on those bars. Arm strength is an area that I lack!


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