Monday, September 23, 2013

Mattituck Getaway

The weekend in NY was a gorgeous one. It was perfect weather for a little getaway to Mattituck Troy and I had planned.

Both us stayed over at a family friend's house with my mom and her boyfriend. Isn't the backyard beautiful? The house is in the middle of nowhere in the woods. It even took us awhile to find it because road is a tiny dirt street leading way back to the house.

We sat for awhile Friday night enjoying the sunset in the gazebo. In the summer everyone goes kayaking on the sound right there.

They were saying hardly anyone ever uses it or sits there but it was the perfect spot to watch the boats going by.

Fun Fact: My mom's boyfriend built it.

The house is an old farmhouse style where everything is wood. Doesn't it look like it should be a bed and breakfast?

After having a healthy dinner of chicken and peas, it was time for dessert! Also known as my favorite meal of the day haha ;)

Homemade ice cream places always taste 5,000 times better than chain ice cream stores. They still made bonnets too!

Sorry Coldstone, my peanut butter fudge was so much better here and was loaded with candy.

Early Saturday morning all us had egg sandwiches with bacon before we headed out for the day. Yummy!

The original plan was to go apple picking and pumpkin picking, but my mom's boyfriend wanted to stop by a nautical fair in Greenport so headed there first.

The fair was packed and huge! We ended up walking around for almost 3 hours there so ended up running out of time for apples. Next time!

We did find some apples to purchase at this farm stand on the way back though. They were so fresh and crispy.

Troy and I headed home in the afternoon on Saturday.  It was marvelous little weekend getaway. I am sure the house would be even more gorgeous in the late fall with all the leaves changing colors around it.
And before signing off today I want to wish Troy a very Happy Birthday today!!!! <3

Anyone else do anything fun to celebrate the first weekend of fall?!

Are you a fan of kayaking? I went once last year on this day actually for Troy's birthday. It was just okay. The weather ended up being super windy and cold so it was so hard for a beginner to kayak. If it was warmer, I'm sure I would have had more fun.


  1. This place is just so beautiful and quaint. I love it! I could live there permanently!! What a wonderful way to spend the first day of fall! Did that restaurant serve your egg/bacon sandwich o gluten free bread? That is so cool!

    1. Yes it was so pretty! No I made the sandwich at the house. I always bring gf food along when I travel.

    2. which Udi's bread do you eat again? I reread your post and it does say you ate it before heading out! Sorry.

  2. It's okay! It's the flax & fiber bread.


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