Thursday, September 19, 2013

Double Duty Products

I love when products do double duty. Where you can use it one way, then another, and then another. It seems then you're getting more bang for your buck.

All of you know I love my greek yogurt. My chobani goes into smoothies, made into tye-dye dessert bowls, and a healthy sour cream dip.

This dip literally takes 1 minute to make and a great addition for taco night!

Corn tortillas were on sale so I picked them up for a change. Along with shredded cheddar cheese, home-grown garden tomatoes, and chicken was such a yummy dinner. I love tacos because

1) They take five minutes to make
2) You can change them up with all different ingredients
3) No clean up haha

 Yay for tacos!

Speaking of products that do double duty, you guys may remember me sharing these SweetLeaf drops I discovered with you all awhile back...

I bought the vanilla and use it in my coffee from time to time. Not only is it just for coffee, but you can add it to yogurt, oatmeal, mixed drinks... Pretty much anything you can sweeten you can add these into.

The ingredients in these are: purified water, organic stevia leaf extract, natural flavors, and vanilla extract. No crazy chemicals in this sweetener. That's one of the reasons I like using this in my coffee.

Just in case you all didn't know, SweetLeaf is hosting a huge giveaway on their Facebook page! The winner will receive 30 travel bottles of all different flavors of sweet drops!!

You can enter once a day until October 4th so go get your entries in! I know I am right now :)

It's a great prize to win. I would love trying out all the different flavors before buying a bigger bottle of each one. I think the berry one would be great for my yogurt bowls!

***What type of sweetener do you use? I try to avoid the fake chemical sweeteners since they are so awful for you.

***What's a product that does double duty I should try?

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  1. I have really been trying to avoid fake chemical sweeteners - one of my favorites that I use in my coffee is pure maple syrup - SO good!


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