Monday, September 16, 2013

Heather's Baby Shower

On Saturday Mom and I headed over to celebrate Heather's (Troy's sister) baby shower with over 100 guests!

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture with the Mom-to-be since she was busy mingling with the large number of guests. She wore this gorgeous tight red dress. She is going to be a HOT momma! Everyone kept raving how pretty she looked.

Since Heather is a bag fan of Italian food there was a huge spread of eggplant/chicken parmasean, different types of pastas, and heroes. Troy's mom brought a whole gluten free dish. It was a new recipe with cheese, chicken, broccoli, rice, and mustard. The mustard really gave the dish a tangy flavor. Alot of the guests even ate it without realizing it was gluten free! Hehe :)

I'm going to ask her for the recipe and will share it with you guys!

The decorations for the shower were simple yet classic. Mason jars seem to be the latest trend for everything if they are popping up at baby showers. I loved the mix of colorful roses that really brightened up the tables.

I didn't get to snap a picture but they also had a clothesline hanging up pinned up with newborn outfits. Absolutely adorable!

This isn't my picture but it was very similar to this:

The baby clothesline matched her invitation too! Everything tied in together perfectly.

Not only was the boyfriend's mom kind enough to bring me a dinner, but she always baked some gf dessert goodies. Let me tell you these Betty Crocker cookies were gone in 10 minutes. I was glad I snagged these two. The entire shower devoured these without even noticing a different taste. Yummy!

It was a great day to celebrate Heather's new baby! They had to fill up 3 cars full of presents so I am guessing she got everything she needs for a long time haha.

On the way home from the shower we stopped at a few stores. The sunset was so gorgeous I had to snap a few pictures of it. Hope this cooler weather brings on more fall sunsets.

A marvelous weekend!


  1. Baby showers are so much fun! I love watching the moms-to-be opening all the cute presents!

    1. Yes me too! I love all the baby clothes because they're so tiny!

  2. It sounds like a fantastic baby shower. I can't believe there would be that many people at a baby shower. I always love reading how Troy's mom is so mindful and considerate of your allergies.

  3. Your weather looks gorgeous and fall-ready!


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