Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Fall

Happy first day of fall!

Since I'm out and about partaking in many fall festivities, here's a look into some of my favorite things about the fall season.

1. Obviously the first one is pumpkin EVERYTHING. From baked goods, breads, coffees, and candles, you can find pumpkin in pretty much anything!

2. Cozy sweaters are back in my life again! My least favorite season is summer and I hate wearing shorts. I love layers and winter clothes much better.

3. Pumpkin picking is one of my favorite things to do in October. Troy and I love carving them into all crazy designs instead of the usual jack o lantern faces.

A look back at last year's pumpkins. I decided to try mine free hand.

I think Troy used a printable template over to sketch his skull. We loved how these really stood out on the stoop.

4. Another favorite thing about the season is all the beautiful changing leaves. I mean, doesn't just looking at this picture instantly relax you? Ahhh I love it.

5. Cool weather means more runs for me! I'm that "perfect weather" runner. So anytime it's cooler I love working out outside rather than on a treadmill. The scenery by me isn't too shabby either ;)

6. More dog walks for this crazy beast. She's not a fan of the heat either.

7. All the good tv shows come back on. Person of Interest and The Big Bang Theory I've been waiting all summer for.

Now I want to know, what's your favorite part of fall?!


  1. I love the cooler temps which allows me to wear boots and scarves :)

  2. I literally cannot get enough of pumpkin right now!! I am SO ready to wear sweaters and boots, too!

  3. Our weather is still very much summer. I can't wait for the fall weather to arrive!


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