Wednesday, September 4, 2013

WIAW-Sugar Problems

Jumping back on the What I Ate Wednesday bandwagon for this week. Let's take a look at the goods!

A big glass of water with lemon to flavor it to start the day. I love my lemon water. It's so refreshing a nice change up from boring, regular old water.
Of course I had my peanut butter oats. This morning I woke up hungry so I used my freezer trick to speed up the process.
Lunch was my usual two eggs over easy in a tortilla wrap. The eggs were super drippy and tasty. Plus I ate I ate an unpictured plum too.
I went food shopping yesterday right at dinnertime. If I don't eat at 5, I need a snack to hold me over until later. I can never understand how people can eat lunch at 1 and then wait to eat dinner til 7! This Luna bar tasted like candy and was fulfilling.
You all know I love my pizza! Any shape, size, toppings I'll take it. I wish I could eat pizza everyday, but since that obviously is not healthy I made a rice cake version.
I melted mozzarella cheese, cut up chicken, tomato sauce, and basil on top of 3 rice cakes. Mmmm it was almost like eating pizza. I loved every bite!
For dessert I tried a new lemon flavor by Yoplait. I was so excited to see that this brand is only 7-9 sugars for the flavor ones compared to 23 in Chobani. I don't calculate my sugars at all but sometimes I don't like eating that much of it especially at night. Unfortunately after double checking the ingredients in this Yoplait Greek there is artificial sweeteners. So I'll eat up the rest I bought, but won't be buying this anymore :(
Do you use artificial sweeteners? I know some people are strongly for it while others are strongly against it.

Favorite pizza topping? Pineapple baby!


  1. I love lemon water in the mornings but have been too lazy to make it lately! I just head straight to my coffee! I used to use more artificial sweeteners but now only use Stevia on occasion. I avoid the rest like the plague (especially Espartame) as I found they cause me to have major stomach discomforts.

  2. I need to remember to use the freezer for "overnight" oats when I forget to make them the night before!

  3. I never thought to make pizza on rice cakes! That's actually a really jammin idea!

  4. You are so creative with your dinners! I'll have to try the rice cake pizza.

  5. I love rice cakes. I typically put hummus, turkey and avocado on mine. I'll have to try the pizza idea. Looks yummy!!

  6. That is such a good idea- making pizzas on rice cakes! Favourite pizza topping- ok its abit strange but I love prawns and scallops!


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