Thursday, September 5, 2013

Last Beach Trip

It was probably our last beach trip of the season yesterday. Troy and I packed up our lunches and headed there to enjoy the warm, sunny day one last time.

Every year I'm sad to see this beach coverup get packed away along with my swimsuits. I wish it was longer so I could wear it throughout the year. The crocheted detailing on the back is my favorite part.
Don't mind the weird looking bruise on the back of my leg. That is my huge bruise from when I fell out of the shower a week ago. It's slowly starting to fade.

Most schools in New York went back on Wednesday so the beach was very empty. Except for some feisty retired older ladies who got into a shouting argument over their where they were going to sit. Apparently some people get territorial at the beach. Crazy!
When we first got there both of us were sweating from the intense sun. Then in the afternoon it got so windy out of nowhere. So I was too chilly to go in the water. Although Troy did and froze after, there were a TON of shells and mussels along the shore.
For my lunch I packed up a turkey, lettuce, and my favorite everything hummus on bread. Usually I throw out the heel parts of the bread, but it was the only pieces I had left. So my sandwich was extra thick!

Once we arrived home we quickly hopped into the freezing pool. When I say freezing, I mean freeeeeezing, it was only 65 degrees! Ahhh it got so cold since our nights haven't been hot here.

Cooper is always extra curious to get in the pool so this time we took him in with us. Troy would let him swim to me and then I would let him doggie paddle back to Troy. We were so proud of him that he could swim alone without us holding him!

He was one wet dog!
Troy's family from out of state was visiting and they all ordered pizza. I stuck with a chicken salad because my food has been out of control lately. I feel like everyday has been a cheat night. I need to reign my meals back in a bit.
Even though I didn't have pizza, I can't pass up dessert. Once again my favorite brownies from the other night made it onto my plate :)

Are you a swimmer at the beach?
Do your pets swim in the pool?
Do you eat the heel part of the bread?


  1. what's a good gf brownie? Do you bake your own chicken breast to use in wraps?

    Yes, I love the heel part of the bread.

    1. Betty Crocker's mix is the best. When I meal prep for the week I bake a huge batch of chicken and then defrost it during the week.

    2. you can freeze cooked chicken? It's probably healthier than deli meats.

  2. I'll eat the heal of the bread sometimes. I don't eat sandwiches that often tho. I do no swim in the ocean....too cold here and I am afraid of drowning! Lakes and pools- I am okay with!

  3. Haha, I hate the heel part of the bread. I always dry them out and make them into breadcrumbs!


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