Friday, September 27, 2013

Chocolate For Breakfast, Swagbucks, & Emails

How's that for a title? Can you tell this post is going to be ALL over the place today? I've been meaning to tell you guys a bunch of things for the past couple weeks. Then I sit down to write a post and my brain goes in a completely different direction.

Did you know your breakfast can start with chocolate? Yeah neither did I, until I found this bad boy.

I threw one of these randomly into my cart last week.Yessssss, it is a winner. I don't remember the nutritional stats too close, but I remember glancing at them and they weren't too bad at all.

Now it is a bit on the sweet side for breakfast, but as a healthy dessert at night I love these. The yogurt is so creamy and the chocolate tastes like fudge mixed all together. Good job Stonyfield!

Does anyone else use Swagbucks? I discovered it 6 years ago and love it!

It's a free search engine like Google, where you earn points and then turn them into gift cards. You can fill out surveys, earn points for online shopping, or just searching the web like I do. When I get enough points I turn them into Starbucks gift cards to treat myself. The best part about Swgabucks is you're earning free gift cards for just playing around on the internet. You can check it out here.

Oh and if you want to hear my daily ramblings everyday, you can sign up for my posts via email over there ------->

It's only been there for a month and I haven't got around to tell you guys about it. Whoops.

Okay I'm done for now!

What's everyone's plan for the weekend? Ours is a bit busy over here. Tonight we are seeing a family friend's new puppy, then going out to celebrate Troy's birthday. Tomorrow mom and I are helping my grandparents do alot of work outside (getting the wood delivered for the fireplace, wooo!), and lots of exercise since now I can haha.

Have you tried a chocolate yogurt?

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