Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hidden Menus

One thing I've never understood about restaurants is having a hidden menu. The only thing it does do is create hype that there is another, even sometimes healthier menu. But there is a ton of customers that don't even know it exists.

I've learned about Panera's hidden menu about a year ago and have never ordered off of it. I didn't think the employees would even know what I was talking about or be able to know the full ingredients in those items.

Hidden menus just seem like poor advertising to me. The items are on the hidden menu aren't that popular apparently or else they would be added to the regular menu if they were so popular with consumers.

The other night I ran into Panera to pick up a salad and spotted a sign now advertising the four items on the hidden menu. I don't get it, I'm confused? Isn't it a hidden menu for a reason...

Anyway I decided to try the Mediterranean chicken salad. The strange part was it was the same price as the regular salads but came with no chips :(

It was really good though. There was a ton of chicken, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, bacon, fresh lemon, and olive oil for the dressing.

So I'm curious how you all feel about hidden menus? Do you ever order off them?


  1. I don't think it makes sense at all. I found out about Panera's hidden menu about a year ago also. I wonder which other places also have them? Are we just suppose to ask everyone? Stupid. Not that I ever eat out anyhow. Not in the budget.

  2. I'm not really a fan. I can see how a restaurant would want to hide it for (a) the hype and (b) to not make unhealthy eaters feel as though they're making poor choices by not ordering off it. However, I haven't tried Panera's yet for the same reasons you mentioned in the beginning.

  3. I haven't heard of a hidden menu before really....maybe from Jamba Juice but that is it. That salad looks great tho. Maybe i'll have to get it next time I go to Panera!

  4. I have heard of hidden menus but have never ordered off of one. I have made special requests for my own food or drink substitutions but the whole hidden menu seems strange.


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