Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Facts Friday

1. I think NY is confused. Fall is supposed to be, not 90 degree hot & humid weather.

2. Even though it was swelting I did have hot chili for dinner last night. In the past I've raved about the boyfriend's mom's chili and it is that good. I am ALL about the toppings and there are so many to choose from!

3. On Wednesday night I came home to a huge surprise box of goodies from Taste For Life magazine. I filled out one of those reader survey things back in July and completely forgot about it. I guess people really do win those surveys? I can't wait to try out all these goodies!

4. When I bought this new Chobani flavor I had really high hopes for it. Since it was orange and vanilla, I was expecting an orange creamsicle flavor. But sadly it doesn't taste like a popsicle. It wasn't one of my favorites.

5. When Troy and I were at a country fair last weekend we spotted honey sticks. Now these aren't your regular honey stick flavors. There were sour apple, blue raspberry, pina coloda, and even chocolate! I tried a bit of the chocolate and was grossed out! It was kind of like very very sweet chocolate pudding.

6. I'm done with pumpkin coffee for the season! Don't get me wrong I love Starbuck's and Dunkin's pumpkin coffee, but it totally makes my stomach go crazy. I felt so sick even after splitting this drink. Ughhhhh I wish pumpkin coffeee wasn't so strong.

7. There is about 5 ripe bananas sitting on my kitchen table right now. I think I might attempt baking gf banana bread later today.

And Happy Friday! Any fun weekend plans?! 

Troy is away in Boston this weekend so I will be heading to his sister's baby shower solo! I hope to make it to Ulta sometime soon. My current hair dryer is slowly dying out.

Are you a pumpkin coffee person?


  1. I'm racing on Sunday....just going to kind of treat it as a regular weekend run...but I am really looking forward to it!

  2. ohh you could make banana bread and send it to lexington ;) I have never had stomach problems with pumpkin but I don't like it when its really strong, I usually ask for 1 pump or as little as they can possibly put in there. Today was the first day it has felt like fall here, I was so bummed I forgot my jacket this morning.


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