Monday, September 2, 2013

Our First Garage Sale

Our first garage sale was a success! Troy and I organized one on Saturday to help raise money for our team for Bark For Life.

We asked all of our friends and relatives to donate any items they no longer used. Surprisingly just between the two of us, we came up with alot of junk no one will miss.

Like this prom bobble-head frame?
Or this keychain. Not even sure if this is supposed to be a mouse or what?
The strangest things were found in my closet!

On Friday night we ran around setting signs up in the neighborhood. Then we organized all of our stuff into categories til late. After setting up the sale by 8am we let Cooper stay outside the whole day to greet the shoppers because really he doesn't get any attention at home ;)
Don't mind the fact that he looks asleep in that photo. After running in the yard with the neighbor's golden retriever for a half hour he needed a cat nap.

I was a bit discouraged when we first started. "Experienced garage sellers", aka Troy's parents, warned us there would be a huge rush in the first hour. During that first hour we had two customers and made $1.50. So we were hoping the rest of the day wouldn't be that slow.
Luckily the rush seemed to pick up midday. We couldn't have asked for a better weather day. It was very humid but cloudy so we weren't roasting in the driveway.

Since I ate breakfast by 6:30am, I was more than ready to dig in for my lunch by 12. I quickly heated up cut up chicken, tomatoes, orange peppers, lettuce, and some sour cream on a warp. The orange peppers were fabulous and I loved the crunch they added to the wrap.
Both of us made up signs that all the proceeds were being donated to charity so that seemed to encourage people to be more generous. By the end of the day we were wiped out from organizing, cleaning, and setting up. But all that hard work was for a great cause.
We are proud that our team has raised over $220 from our garage sale all being donated to The American Cancer Society! Neither one of us thought we were going to make that much. Every little bit helps. All in all it was a huge success!

My Questions:
What is one of the strangest things you've found in your closet?
Have you ever had a garage sale? It was our first one and I hope we can do more again in the future since it was so much fun!


  1. I found my wisdom teeth in a box in my closet a couple of years ago. Why I was keeping, I don't know?!?!

  2. That is so great you raised money for a good cause! I never had a garage sale, but probably should to get rid of a bunch of useless stuff! lol

    1. We found SO much stuff we didn't even use or need!

  3. Such a great initiative to do something like that! I havnt had a garage sale per se, but had a stall with a friend at a sunday market. I made $80 then got a parking ticket for $78. Worst.


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