Friday, September 20, 2013

Physical Therapy Win

My second physical therapy appointment was a success!

The first was? Not so much, it felt more like a waste of time and money. All they did was poke and probe my knee asking if it hurt. Then for 15 minutes they put on those electric shock things. Let me tell you, it does not in any way/shape/form feel like a massage. Nope.

So you can see I was a little weary about going back. But this time was SO much better. We only did those shock things for 10 minutes. Then all single leg strength exercises.

Woof. I was feelin' it by the end. After having no leg workouts since June, holy crap, my right quad was burning.

And to finish we did 5 whole minutes on the exercise bike with absolutely no pain.

No pain = a big success! It's slow progress, but still progress.

And since we talk about food usually around these parts, my breakfast smoothie yesterday was a good one. Since I'm a huge fan of yogurt in my smoothies, when I saw Melissa's peanut butter yogurt smoothie, I knew I had to try it.

The combination of regular peanut butter and pb2 makes it a peanut butter lover's dream! The yogurt and almond milk give it a real think shake like texture. The verdict- it's good, real good!

Happy weekend, yay! What have you got going on this weekend? Any fall fun?

Once the afternoon rolls around I need to make a quick stop at Ulta before my coupon expires, then I am headed out east for the weekend for some fun! I think smores might be mandatory tonight :)

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  1. I think, they were still assessing the extent of your injury on your first session, that's why you didn't do much that time. Glad to hear that you felt satisfied on your second! Anyway, expect more development on your legs after a few more physical therapy sessions. Good luck, Ashley.


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