Thursday, May 2, 2013

Acts of Kindness

If you follow me on Twitter, then you already aware of how good a day I was having yesterday.

1) The sun was shining
2) Troy and I got a good round of badminton in (Troy- if you're reading this I won!)
3) We played frisbee with Cooper

After a week of some intense school stress and basically living there this week, I needed a mental break. All those things listed above were great enough, but something happened at the gym yesterday that just made me incredibly happy.

I was training quads (no fun as usual) with my trainer and one of his other clients was finishing up before me. Now let me describe her to you all. I call her "Beyonce" even though that's not her real name. You can imagine how fabulous she looks. I mean, her hair is basically the same as Beyonce's, her body is amazing, and she is incredibly strong. I've seen her working out at the gym for the past two years and she is a dedicated weight lifter. Her body shows what hard work looks like. She doesn't compete in figure competitions, but I'm sure if she did she would win them all. She looks that good.

So last night she came up to me and told me how amazing of a transformation I've made over the past year. "Beyonce" said she's seen how hard I've worked and can't believe how strong I've gotten. She said she saw me doing weighted walking lunges with weights half the men in the gym couldn't do. Let's just say I was beyond ecstatic. To receive compliments like that from someone I admire made me more than happy.

And then I thought she's so kind. I want to be kinder person. I want to pass along positive energy and compliments to others because it will spread happiness. It will make someone's day like she made mine.

My plan of random kindness attacks:

1) Buy drinks for people at Starbucks.
2) Give compliments to people whether it's friends, family, or random strangers.
3) Write homemade letters to my loved ones.
4) Cook a meal for someone.
5) Help someone without being asked.
6) Smile at others instead of being on my phone
7) Volunteer

*Questions- Do you tend to give out compliments alot?

How do spread kindness?


  1. This makes me want to do more kind things, too :) I love the note one. I think I might write some notes to family members just for the heck of it, too :) Also, way to go!! I didn't know you before you started lifting, but if she complimented you, I am complimenting you on your hard work!! Good job :)

    1. Thanks! Getting a letter is so nice because everyone's so dependent on technology.

  2. Reading this makes me happy! I think people feel so good when doing nice things for others. I don't give compliments often, I find it kind of awkward. I should get over that because it really can make people feel so much better!

    1. I'm totally the same way, gotta work on giving them more.

  3. I'm a big believer in random acts of kindness! Even simply smiling at people when I make eye contact with them on the street can make a difference in someone's day! As for the acts, I'd sure love to be in your starbucks ;) haha I think mine will be more random compliments to people. We know what a difference they can make! congrats on your progress!

    1. Thanks!! Haha someone did it for me at Starbucks once and it made my day.

  4. Isn't it amazing how simply smiling at people more can make a difference!?! And it helps both yourself AND the other person. The school where I teacher is currently doing a "random acts of kindness" campaign. It's really cool!


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