Monday, May 6, 2013

Things College Has Taught Me

Since graduation is slowly approaching, I figured I would put together a fun list of everything I learned in college NOT in the classroom.

What college has taught me:

1) Sweatpants are your friend!
2) Reading for fun doesn't happen. Reading outside of your textbooks is impossible.
3) Procrastination is really just time management.
4) Snow days are still awesome.
5) There are never any parking spots. Ever.
6) Coffee is always a better choice than water.
7) Your senior project is similiar to your 3rd grade project. Think lots of stickers, glitter, and colored paper on a giant poster.
8) Any math you didn't understand in high school, you're never going to understand it.
9) You will never get enough sleep, no matter what.
10) You learn the best days to skip class not to miss anything.
11) You can never have enough hoodies.
12) You're so happy that your final paper is a short one- only 15 pages woohoo.
13) How to turn a 3 page paper into a 10 page paper
14) Read the bathroom signs carefully. Walking into the men's bathroom is just awkward.

What has college or school taught you?


  1. Haha, too funny! But also so very true! ;)

  2. Haha I can definitely identify with a TON of these! I've learned that it can be challenging to stay healthy in college with all those late nights, but it's totally worth it! I've learned that sometimes a late night with your girlfriends in your dorm room are so worth it, even if you have a midterm the next day ;)

    1. Haha glad you could relate too! Sometimes late night pizza is the best.

  3. *sigh* i miss college...and wearing sweats every day ;)

  4. this may be the most accurate post i have ever read...especially the parking spots and the senior project...hilarrious

  5. So funny and true! I hated not having time to read leisurely when I was in college. I don't really have time now either but I did at some point after I graduated.

    1. Aw sad face :( hoping you will have more time to read soon!

  6. LOL! I miss college...


  7. Teaching also agrees with the one about reading for fun... I feel like I read so much with my kids throughout the day that I want to stay away from it all when I get home.

  8. lol. I liked #13. Amazing how that works, right?!

    1. The art of making things up lol.


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