Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Snazzy New Ride

And I thought I had hardly any plans yesterday....Monday proved me wrong.

After waking up early to get a hamstring workout in and I mean early!, mom and I headed over to one of the parades. My grandfather was driving a veteran that couldn't walk in his corvette.
We ended up parking far away from the actual parade- about two miles. So we had to jog to make it on time. Nothing like a little unplanned cardio run haha!

I ended up heading over to my family's for a little to visit in the morning. I wasn't planning on being out of the house all day, so I had no food on me. Also, no car/purse emergency snacks. I'm not supposed to be having dairy, but it was pretty much my only option.

And boy was it good. I'm usually not a fan of the plain flavor since it's so sour, but with fruit mixed it, yummy.
Quickly after lunch everyone realized this would be the perfect time to get our nails done!
I had to wait about 15 minutes before they started mine. So I sat there with my feet soaking in the tub and that felt pretty relaxing so I didn't mind at all.
Since I never seemed to have a real lunch yesterday, I snacked on an apple with a huge glob of peanut butter after the nail salon.
Around dinnertime I met up with the boyfriend for a BBQ. Since the weather was gorgeous and warm, we played lots of rounds of frisbee with Cooper in the yard.
Now onto the good stuff! Oh my goodness, I ate SO much yesterday at dinner. I had grilled chicken, corn, green beans, waffle fries, and salad. Don't let this plate fool you, I had another plate that looked exactly like this.
As you could tell I was starved from eating little snacks all day.

After dinner Troy and I headed over to our friends Jason and Sarah's place. It was such a nice night we rode our bikes over. The best part about living in a small town is that everyone is only five minutes away. Plus, we got a new basket for the bike, which is pretty snazzy ;)
We hung-out over there until 11 then called it a night. I am pooped out this morning from all the fun!

Do you prefer to eat little snacks or structured meals? I need to eat meals at set times because I end up more hungry when I eat little snacks throughout the day


  1. For the most part, I enjoy more frequent, smaller meals throughout the day. I like snacking! Love the new ride!! :)

  2. I try eating structured meals.. but I tend to snack. It's just whatever :)

    1. Crackers and hummus is one of my favorite snacks!

  3. I eat meals and snack! I try to make the snacks mostly fruits and veggies.

  4. i still have yet to try greek yogurt but need too! I love regular yogurt with fruit and granola!


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