Monday, May 6, 2013

Playing With Pigs

What better way to start off the work week then linking up with Katie and chatting about some marvelous things that happened this weekend. Not having a good start to the morning? Go check out Katie's link up and I'm sure you'll be feeling better!

Now let's get to the weekend highlights!

Saturday was spent doing the usual errands. I ran to the grocery store for only a couple items...
and came out with that. How does that even happen?!

 I love how the gluten free//natural foods aisle is always empty hehe.
Celebrated Starbucks happy hour! I brought some frappuccinos over to my grandparents who I am slowly converting into Starbucks people haha.
I ordered a light caramel frappuccino. It was tasty, but I could never drink it early in the morning. Tastes like a dessert!

We all watched the Kentucky Derby. I was voting for Normandy Invasion, but he didn't place.

Sunday was spent with the family at my cousins communion.

Had to have fun playing with the guniea pigs!
Hehe can you spot them on the floor?!
When they were younger they used to run, but I guess now they're calmer. They just stayed there as my cousin fed them lettuce.
Their dog Cocoa doesn't even bother them either. Wishbone would eat them in a second.
Then I met up with the boyfriend for a Panera dinner date since he was working in the city all weekend. I'm still in love with their tomato soup, so good!

The weekend was a nice mix of both relaxing and busy. How was your weekend?

Did you ever have pets as a child? I'm not a big fan of little rodent ones, like mice/hamsters. I did have a bird though.


  1. I've only ever head a fish and a hermit crab as a pet...unless you count a little brother, which is pretty much what I treated him as for the first few years of his life ;)

  2. We always had dogs growing up but my sister, step bro and I did at one point think it was cool to get hamsters. I'm pretty sure my dad spent the entire time cleaning and taking care of it. Oops :D

    1. Hahah parents always get stuck cleaning up after pets.

  3. I am a dog lover. They make the best pets :).

  4. Happy Monday!!

    YAY for a great weekend and frappuccino happy hour!

    I used to have hamsters as a kid, loved them!!

    Hope your week is fab!

  5. We always had dogs, too. Now, me and my husband have two. They are our fur-babies :)


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