Friday, May 10, 2013

It Got Real

You wouldn't think it, but cleaning can be exercise. I worked up a good sweat yesterday tackling the entire mess that has been consuming my room.

Enter Exhibit A:

I was debating whether or not to put this picture up here because well you'll see. It makes me look like I could enter to be a contestant on TLC's show Hoarders.
But let's be real. My house does not look like it just came out of ad in a magazine all the time.
I was in the process of switching all my winter & summer clothes out of my closet.
And it somehow ended up on the couch. What can you do? Cleaning and organizing are just not at the top of my priority list.

After taking care of that huge mess pile, I needed a break for lunch!

It's no secret I eat a ton of meat, figure buying about 5 packs at the grocery store a week. Yeah, plain baked or grilled chicken can get boring fast. So I switch it up by having tuna alot for lunch.

Usually I just eat it straight out of the can with nothing on it, but I wanted to try out a new way to make tuna salad. What better way to share a recipe with you guys than linking up for Recipe Friday hosted by Candy Fit.

Tuna Salad Recipe:
  • 1 can of tuna
  • 1 hard boiled egg
  • pepper
  • lemon juice
After mixing up the tuna, I chopped up one hard boiled egg. You don't have to add the yolk, but I found it makes it extra tasty. So I chopped up the yolk and squished it all together.
I added a splash of pepper and lemon juice on the top for some extra flavor and was done! The hard boiled egg is a healthy alternative to the high calorie mayo.
On a different note....

I'm still going strong in my effort to be kinder. I swear just by smiling at people during the week at the gym, I've talked to three complete strangers!

On the agenda tonight, I'm planning to cook the boyfriend a nice dinner. It's been a long time since I've done that.

*Question- Is your house ever messy?  Please tell me I am not the only one whose house looks like this haha

PS- Don't forget to check out my guest post on Ashley's blog!


  1. I love how simple tuna salad is too make, and so versatile too.

    Our house is rarely ever messy. I'm kind of OCD about everything and anything, Ha Ha!

  2. I don't let my house get too messy. Friday afternoons are actually my favorite part of the week. I go home - clean the kitchen, bathroom and vacuum while enjoying wine! Then I don't have to worry about it for the rest of the weekend and it looks great if people stop by :)

  3. Yes, being on the "random acts of kindness" train is a bit enlightening, isn't it? I love how a simple smile can do so much. :)

    Speaking of cleaning, I should make it a priority this weekend to do a few things I've been putting off . . . like scrubbing the shower and tub. Otherwise, I'm pretty good about staying on top of things.

  4. I love how simple the recipe is. Sounds delish!

    Thank you for linking up to #RECIPEFRIDAY!

    p.s. I be doing some spring cleaning this weekend!

  5. Girl, I heard that! I just moved out of my college dorm, so I've been cleaning like a mad woman and working up a serious sweat! I actually slapped on my Polar watch about half-way through to see how quick my heart was pumpin'. It was up there, nonetheless!

  6. Haha I can totally relate to cleaning as being exercise! Sometimes after a long day of cleaning I'm more tired than if I went running or lifted some weights at the gym.

    I love simple recipes like that!

  7. Yeah, mine looks messy. We usually let it go during the week and then run around on Friday to make it look nice for the weekend.

  8. My room looked like your couch the past week. I went through closets and drawers and got rid of a bunch of clothing I no longer wear to take to good will. There was a day where everything from my entire room was piled onto my bed, it was a huge mess.

  9. I have been working on switching over all of our winter clothes to summer...with My husband, myself and 7 children-you can imagine the mess :)

  10. My daughter is dating a guy who is kind of a neat freak. The other day I told him there will be times when he comes over and the kitchen - especially the kitchen floor - will be messy. And I will not apologize, because I get busy and things like washing the floor drop to the bottom of the priority list. Heck I have a $100 sushi gift card and $50 manicure gift card sitting around that I don't have time to go spend even though I WANT to, and I never WANT to wash the kitchen floor.
    I think happier kids have messier floors. Just don't tell my daughters I said that :) They'll use it against me!


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