Thursday, May 16, 2013

As Of Lately...

Ok so I was about to do the happy dance this morning, then realized it's not Friday yet. Whoops.

Some things as of lately:

As of lately-Troy and I are almost finished watching Prison Break. We've been watching about 3 episodes a day can not wait until the end. It's safe to say we are both obsessed. Besides Wentworth Miller isn't exactly bad to look at ;)

As of lately when I was leaving the gym the other day to drive home, I tried to get in my car through the passenger side. I guess I was hoping I would have a chauffeur to drive me home. Umm if you see my brain anywhere let me know.

As of lately having sunburn is no fun. But I do like peeling it. Gross, but true haha!
As of lately I've been starting to reduce my carbs. Leaning out has begun! I plan to write a full post about this soon. Starting in June no more condiments, no more lattes, and no sugar in anything will start. So I've been adding in lots of greens for my carbs!
As of lately I know having a HUGE (2lb!!!) bag of kettlecorn in my house is not a good idea. It was one of my mom's mother's day gifts from the family. I've resisted so far....
As of lately I've been missing baking. The last time I baked was almost three months ago, which is wayyyyy too long.
As of lately Wishbone is feeling a little better. I mentioned here she was limping and couldn't get up the stairs. We took her to the vet for a bunch of xrays and mri's. They found she has arthritis in her back, but it's mild. So the vet doesn't know why her leg/hips seem to be hurting her since there was nothing wrong with them.

So we went out and bought her a nice orthopedic bed to sleep on.
 As you can see she could have laid there all night while Troy was petting her haha...
And we got her a raised feeder so she won't have to bend down when she eats. She is such a baby and was scared of the bowls at first. I threw lots of treats in there so she would get used to it.
As of lately life is good!

What's been going on in your life as of lately?


  1. I've been missing baking too. I think Imma going to have to whip up a cobbler this weekend. I love all these berries coming in season!

  2. i miss baking too ! I've been so busy lately but it's so therapeutic! I'm glad wishbone is doing better :)

  3. I LOVE Prison Break!! I watched all of the seasons a couple of years ago and was HOOKED!

  4. I think I need to bake something soon too .. maybe this weekend!

  5. I watched all of Prison Break in the fall. It was so good and I had no choice but to blow through all the episodes. I had to know how it turned out!

  6. Prison Break was soo good! I watched all 4 seasons of it on netflix. Love micheal!!


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