Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ummm, What's Your Name Again?

Just popping in to share some pictures from the fun we had celebrating my grandfather's award last night.

All the guests were impressed with the beautiful centerpieces my grandmother made. She picked all the flowers from the backyard. It turned out pretty swell don't you think?
I did manage to snag a few pictures with this guy. This is his "I hate pictures, stop taking them" face.
I got a sweet surprise in the mail yesterday from Nature's Bounty. A new reusable water bottle, which I brought to the party since I've been slacking on my h2o lately.
It's safe to say last night was my cheat night. A huge bowl of ice cream! Heaven in a bowl. I think knowing I won't be able to cheat for 4 months straight caused me to go a little heavy on the toppings!
The highlight of the night was when my grandfather was thanking everyone by name and forgot Troy's name haha. Oh my gosh after being together 8 years, it was the funniest thing ever. Troy helps my grandparents around the house with alot of stuff so it wasn't even funnier my grandfather blanked on his name!

As you can see I am nursing a food hangover this morning from that huge sundae. I skipped my workout this morning to go food shopping. One perk of never sleeping in, is that there is no one grocery shopping at 9am.

Someone just perked up from her morning nap.
I'm off to take Wish for a walk! Catch you guys later....

P.S. Remember me mentioning my friend Kim who loves fitness as much as me? Well now she has a blog, so head over and chat with her!


  1. I can't believe your grandpa forgot Troy! That's hysterical :) Thanks for mentioning my new blog!! Would love to connect to other bloggers..I am trying to get people "in my circle" according to google lol.

  2. Those center pieces are beautiful! I hope you and wishbone have fun on your walk.

  3. It sounds like you had a fun time! Very funny about your grandfather forgetting his name too :)

  4. Your grandma did an incredible job on the center pieces! Too funny that your grandpa forgot Troy's name. Ha Ha!


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