Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thoughts On A Thursday

Hey. How are you all doing this morning?!

1) Even though I’m super excited about all this warm weather, one thing I will miss is blankets. Nothing beats being lounging around on the couch on a chilly evening layered in blankets. Most nights you can find me parked right on the couch with my phone or a good book.

2) Shopping for exercise clothes is even better than shopping for “big girl” clothes. I think I own more black stretchy pants than jeans in my closet. I purchased these shorts for spin and put them to the water test once I got home. Let’s just say after splashing water on them, they failed miserably. Sad smileThey will be getting returned.
3) Which brings me to my next thought. I think my quads are finally starting to show through. All the hard work is starting to pay off. Squats and lunges are so terrible, but so effective.

4) Cooper has such a good life. All the rain yesterday was making him fall asleep sitting up on the couch. While Troy and I were watching our show (Prison Break), I guess he didn’t like it because he decided to face the back of the couch the entire time. He’s such a oddball sometimes.
5) One of my lucky numbers is 222. The other day I turned my phone at exactly 2:22.
Then I found out the Powerball lottery winning payout was at $222 million. Of course I had to buy a ticket. It was a good sign.
** I checked the winning numbers this morning, sadly not a huge winner, but I did get two numbers out of the six.

6) All of this gorgeous weather lately has made me just want to sit outside every day for lunch. The other day was a hot one. I even ended up getting sunburn just in forty minutes.

I'm off to start studying for some finals & hit the gym!

Catch you guys later.



  1. I also love blankets! and I agree, shopping for "big girl" clothes is NOT as fun.

  2. I am loving the warm weather, too, but you are right..blankets are awesome! I always tend to be cold, and luckily my work keeps the environment pretty chilly, so I have still been using my Snuggie ;) at work!

  3. I love blankets too! However, my house is always pretty warm (since we run cold) so I don't have to use blankets. You can never go wrong with curling up on the couch though, those are the best times!

  4. I love blankets! I have this weird phobia and won't sleep if i'm not under a blanket, I think it comes from when I was little and thought the monsters under the bed would bet me if I wasn't covered.

  5. Good luck on finals! I just finished mine up, so I know the pain. Enjoy your week. :)

  6. I love blankets too! If I am on the couch, I have a I love blanket over me .. no matter what time of year! :-)

  7. Ah man, bummer about the lottery ticket. Maybe next time you'll have better luck =)


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